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Professional ​

I'm familiar with all of the many moving parts which make up a web application -- the web client, the server, the database, and even container infrastructure that holds everything together.


React w/ Redux or Mobx


Apollo & GraphQL


Spring Boot

Docker / k8s

Disqo Lead Software Developer

​Nov. 2022 - present


Leading the team building and supporting the new SurveyJunkie React SPA, including implementing features and split tests, migrating functionality from the old PHP codebase, and architecting maintainable solutions that scale.  In addition, created an end-to-end test configuration using Cypress and cypress testing framework.


Oracle Data Cloud

​Nov. 2018 - Nov. 2022


Leading the ​push on rebuilding our authentication schemes, including designing a hybrid JWT scheme.  The library uses the strategy pattern to allow our applications to pick and choose which scheme(s) should be allowable.  Architecting & building our team's newest application offerings.


Excella Consulting

April 2012 - Nov. 2018


​I worked as a consultant starting as an intern in college.  The following are a few of the projects I worked on while at Excella:


USCIS — myUSCIS application suite

2017 - 2018

​Maintained two applications and led effort to bring React, Redux, and GraphQL into projects.  Served as surrogate to UX team to help build a better user experience using React and more effective microinteractions.

USCIS — Civics Test Study Tools Lead Developer


Architected and developed a React Native application to allow immigrants to prepare for the US citizenship test.  Created strong testing framework, pipeline, and build tools to ensure high quality code and easily publishable product.

NRECA — Retirement, Payment & Distribution Team Lead

2012 - 2017

Led a team of 4 developers to build an application to manage the payment and distributions of a $200M pension fund.  Architected a .NET application backend and Backbone/AngularJS front end with more than 1 million lines of code.

NRECA — Online Projections Developer


Built a web application to interface with cobol mainframe in order to serve clients a projection of their eventual retirement or death benefits from a $200M pension fund.



Sass & PostCSS





University of Mary Washington
Bachelor of Computer Science

​2009 - 2013

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